My Direction is Heard in Seminar 47 – “Instincts and Interaction”

Episode Forty-seven – “Instincts and InteractionDownload
Not everyone is who they seem. But when you find out who people are on the inside, sometimes you were better off not knowing! Featuring “Massively Multiple Primate Theorem” and “Late Library”.

Particularly proud of the transformation scene in “Late Library” as it’s possibly one of the coolest sound effect combination I’ve come up with lately. Two great shorts, both with amazing casts.


My Direction is Heard in Seminar 46 – ” Guardians of All Forms”

Episode Forty-six – ” Guardians of All FormsDownload
All is not what it seems as secrets are revealed! Featuring “The Guardian of the Ram” and “San Diego”!

Another great episode, and a challenge to mix.

My Direction is Heard in Seminar 44 – “Mazes of the Mind”

Episode Forty-four – “Mazes of the Mind” Download
The survival of the human race hangs in the balance of a “Vocabulary Test” and Alex finds direction “In the Sun”.

I’m really proud of In the Sun, Chris Hackney’s acting combined with Anna Rodriguez’s writing pulled together beautifully in editing.

My Direction is Heard in Seminar 41 – “The Subtleties of Subterfuge”

Art by Frank Harbuck III

Episode Forty-one – “The Subtleties of Subterfuge” Download
An accountant and a barber explore evil as the hunt heightens at the school!
Featuring “The Burrower” and “Barbershop Trio”

I directed the wrap-arounds for this Episode of Seminar!